We have more than 150 trucks and 210 trailers:

  • Mega Varios– inner height from 2,90 to 3m,
  • Huckepack (suitable for intermodal transport) – inner height 2,90m.

All of our trucks meet Euro 5 or Euro 6 emission standards.

All of our trailers are suitable for tyre transport, most of them also allow Octabin and intermodal transport.


Our trailers’ durability and applied load protection meet highest security standards. These following certificates attest to that:
  • DIN EN 12642 Code XL
  • VDI guideline 2700 sheet 12
  • Daimler Loadsecuring 9.5 ​
  • Certificate for load transport using Octabins ​
  • Certificate for tyre transport


In our activity we use modern, integrated telematics technologies which guarantee support on the highest level. One of them is Trimble fleet monitoring and management system that allows us to operate more efficiently. Every truck is equipped with GPS tracker so we are always on top of:
  • vehicle location,
  • stage of transport,
  • driver’s working time,
  • vehicle’s state.
It is possible to integrate systems – ours and client’s – so that the client has a continous insight into the state of their order.